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Satire or sense, alas! Can Sporus feel?
Who breaks a butterfly upon  a wheel?

-Alexander Pope, Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot

I belong to the king. Not just because he bought me, but because I choose it. And as long as he wants me, I'll be his, and his alone. And you know what? I do love him … how's that for a transaction? 
-Mistress Nell Gwyn, The Last King


Decadence, tragedy, and most of all love. This is awesome!
-Rose Bailey, Fantasy Heartbreaker

Butterfly on the Wheel is a beautifully designed experience that treats the topic of scandal with surprising emotional depth and impressive replay value. If you enjoy courtly drama you owe it to yourself to play this absolute treat of a game.
-Halden Ingwersen, Recreational Cannibalism

Butterfly on the Wheel is a singleplayer journaling analog game about loving a malicious Monarch to tragedy. You play the Paramour, a low-ranking noble or commoner who is chosen by the Monarch, and chooses them above all else. In this game, you will love and lose over a series of three Dispensations, each with four Scenes.

When the Monarch falls, the Paramour is in danger. You must be careful.

All you need to play this game is a full set of D&D dice, writing implements or a word processor, and time.

Content Note:
This game is about loving a powerful and wicked tyrant. As such, the text contains themes of abuse, state violence, classism, repression, suicide, and war. Depending on how you interpret the prompts, your playthrough may contain other dark themes. Please take care when engaging with this game — you know your own limits best.


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I just finished my first play through of this game and itโ€™s so good! Writing a tragic love story was very touching and the prompts guided it well. At the end you have a very beautiful and sad story.

I just finished reading Manacled and this kind of cured the book hangover I had from it. If that gives you an idea on the vibe this game has.

Also, I would recommend not reading too far ahead in the prompts as you play so it can be a surprise.


Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!