Jacqueline Bryk

A Ten Candles hack about nuclear war.
A new store for Visigoths vs. Mall Goths.
A sapphic Blaseball zine.
A zine about grief from 2018.
Low rent mages. High stakes. One year.
Two NSFW zines: one about kink and one about abuse.
You may not look at their faces. To look upon sacredness is to know your own imperfection.
Vampires apply for grad schools to save their unlives.
A game of getting to fashion week parties on time and in style.
Find yourself in purgatory before He does.
Thoughts on Safety, Solidarity, and Integrity in Analog Games
The Lizenby and Balrose families cordially invite you to...
A multigenerational hell.
To court or not--therein lies the question.
They called the orchard I served in “The Emperor’s Harem” -- and we were, in a sense.
NSFW. A bard and a wizard get together.
We all saw a different end, through different eyes. What did you see?
Sex, experimentation, and eating cake.
"The youth in agony of mind, heard what the stranger now designed..."
Three short horror games in zine form.
An epistolary game of love and letters.
Tension, bubbles, and feathers.
An epistolary game about a ghost and a medium for two players.
Like Tinder, but for monsters.
A zine-making game based on Queer Eye.
A zine of low-prep comedy LARPs.
A cyberpunk noodle shop during the lunch rush.
You need to feed, and the train will get you there.
5 short games for the price of 1!
Yesterday, gods ceased to walk the earth...

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